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Project 2013 Introduction - (Two Day Class)

Category: Microsoft Office

Prerequisite: Experience using a Windows computer.

Day 1, "Planning Your Project" and Day 2 "Updating Your Project Plan and Reporting" can be taken separately.

Course Description: This class is designed as the starting point to introduce an individual to using Microsoft Project 2013 to plan and manage projects.

Day 1 focuses on "Planning Your Project", and Day 2 focuses on "Updating Your Plan and Reporting". Attending the 2 day training "back to back" is suggested, and individuals with schedule constraints can attend the one-day sessions whenever their schedule allows. A discounted price of $585 is offered when both days are registered at the same time.

Students will learn to identify the steps involved in project planning. Define and develop a project plan by creating tasks and duration. Ability to edit, delete tasks, create milestones, link tasks and modify relationships, understand lag and lead time, create summary tasks and work with outlines. Create and assign resources to tasks and assigning resource calendars. Work with 26 different views in Project - task, resource, calendars, forms, tables and charts. Understanding of single pane vs. dual pane views. Work with sorting, filtering and grouping functions. Analyze project by resolving conflicts, working with cost functions, duration vs. work formulas and time constraints. Creating a baseline and tracking project status. Printing reports, working with resource pools and consolidating projects.

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