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Skype - Conducting Meetings, Webinars and Training using Microsoft Skype / Lync

Category: Microsoft Office

Prerequisite: Some experience using a Windows computer and Microsoft Office

DeVore also offers a lower-cost half-day version of this class for meeting attendees.

Course Description: Meetings, Webinars and Trainings often touch Customers and Senior Executives, making this not a good place for trial-and- error learning.

We have all attended those online events with those awkward pauses, the presenter coughing who did not know how to momentarily mute their audio, the constant beeps from people joining and dropping off, people talking and background noise drowning out the presenter, and of course, the presentation that no one can see………….

This is NOT the best place for learning with your boss, or your boss's best customer on the call.

Few of us have experience as radio or TV announcers or talk-show hosts, and few announcers and hosts have technical troubleshooting experience.

Good outcomes using web conferencing tools are both good for your organization and are a huge career-builder! This one day in-depth training is focused on the do's, don’ts and best practices of web-based meetings and presentations, and will provide both actual hands-on practice plus establish a path for further development of your skills.