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Cisco - VSDESIGN: Introducing VersaStack for Cisco and IBM Partner SEs Designing the VersaStack Solution

Category: Cisco

Prerequisite: Familiarity with Data Center Compute, Networking, and Storage. Recommended training includes IBM StorWize, Cisco UCS, and Cisco Nexus. Familiarity with Cisco UCS. Understanding of data center networking, storage, and virtualization concepts

Course Description: Designing the VersaStack™ Solution is a 2-day intensive training with hands-on labs that prepares the Cisco or IBM Partner Systems Engineers to properly position and design the VersaStack Solution while comparing it to various Integrated Infrastructure Solutions. A thorough explanation of the benefits and advantages of using VersaStack with Cisco Nexus 9000 and Cisco MDS Switches will help you understand the Cisco-IBM ecosystem while allowing you to visualize how Cisco UCS and IBM Storwize work together to enhance compute, network, and storage in the data center. Cisco UCS Director and IBM Storwize will be introduced as the management tools for the VersaStack solution. The lecture and hands-on-labs will provide you with a better understanding of the VersaStack solution providing you with the ideas and information needed to increase sales and explain the value of VersaStack to customers.

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