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Office 365 for Business - Setting Up and Administering your Office 365 for Business Subscription Jumpstart

Category: Microsoft Office

Prerequisite: none

Course Description: Everything an owner, manager or the person that was chosen to set up the Account would need to know to be up and running today, in a Half-Day workshop in Cleveland. Join us in our Beachwood classroom to set up your Office 365 account today! (Yes, this is one of those things where “Trial and Error” learning is not the best choice with things that impact our Customers!)

The technical complexity has been reduced to business-logic decisions recorded by whomever is the administrator of your Microsoft Office 365 for Business account -- Do we allow individuals outside our organization to access any documents? If we need to do that, can we have them log in with an account rather than documents being open to anyone?

In this workshop, DeVore will walk you through the issues you need to make decisions on, and point out possible risks with certain choices.

This workshop is for both companies who already have an Office 365 Account and those who are considering the purchase.