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Office 365 for Business - The Guided Tour of Office 356 for Business

Category: Microsoft Office

Prerequisite: none

Course Description: Targeted specifically to Individuals and Organizations using Office 365 for Business for Email, or those about to begin setting up and using Office 365 who would like to better understand what else is available to them in their Office 365 Subscription, and how to plan for using those tools. Office 365 for Business provides organizations with a first-class professional tool set, but also raises questions when you begin using it. If you do not have experience using OneDrive and SharePoint and Delve and OneNote, how can you plan for using them? How can you best decide if they are worth using or just burning time unnecessarily? When should I use OneDrive, and when is it better to use SharePoint? If I do not currently use OneNote, does it have any value to me? How can I share things with specific customers? How do I install Excel on my laptop? What happens when I get a new computer?

This workshop is designed as a starting point to jumpstart understand what is available in an Office 365 subscription, and which tools your company may find the most value in. This workshop will save substantial amount of “Trial and Error” exploration, the path we seldom prefer when interacting with our customers.